How Do You Kill A Dancer Easily?

What is dancer weak to?

Weak to Dark Damage, Strike Damage and Lightning Damage.

Immune to Frost and Poison/Toxic.

Dancer can be poise-broken, which breaks all of her attacks.

However, if the player manages to stagger her by hitting her head, they can perform a critical strike..

What happens if you kill the dancer early?

I just killed dancer early on a new playthrough, which is really nice for a few reasons: She gives 50k+ souls, her boss weapons and access to lothric castle early, which is useful for some builds or if you just want to become op early.

Should I kill Emma Dark Souls 3?

If she is killed early before she has a chance to die on her own and give the player the Basin of Vows, the cutscene after killing the three lords of cinder will still activate with her voice and the player will be teleported to the church as normal.

Can dancer be parried?

No you can not parry the dancer. There is a riposte animation though, so you can stagger her and riposte her but parrying her is impossible.