Question: What Is The Synonym Of Reached?

What is the antonym of reached?

What is the opposite word for Reached.


reached and discourage.


reached and dissuade..

What does hit mean sexually?

to have sex. See also hit it and hit that. Yeah, I hit last night. Well, if you want to hit her friend, you’ll have to be nice to her. See more words with the same meaning: sex, sexual intercourse.

How do you say something happened?

Synonymsfollow. verb. to happen or come after something else.ensue. verb. to happen after something else, often as a result of it.alternate. verb. … (hard/hot/close) on the heels of. phrase. … …only to do something. phrase. … follow (hard) on the heels of something. phrase. … afterthought. noun. … follow on from. phrasal verb.More items…

What is the opposite word of rich?

rich(adjective) Antonyms: lean, needy, poor.

What is another word for hug?

What is another word for hug?embracesqueezeclaspclinchcuddlecaressclutchholdaffectionbear hug20 more rows

What can’t stand for?

Thoroughly dislike; be unable to put up with something or someone. For example, I can’t stand the sight of her; she’s obnoxious, or I can’t bear to leave the country, or I can’t stomach a filthy kitchen.

What is the meaning of reached?

Verb. reach, gain, and achieve mean to arrive at a point or end by work or effort. reach is used for arriving at something or some place by any amount of effort.

What is the meaning of hit?

1 : to strike or be struck by (someone or something) forcefully. 2 : to cause or allow (something) to come into contact with something He hit his head on the door. 3 : to affect or be affected by in a harmful or damaging way He was hit hard by the loss.

What is the full form of hit?

HIT (Heparin induced thrombocytopenia) is caused by the body forming antibodies to Heparin when it is bound to platelet factor4 (PF4) – a protein in the blood.

What is another word for happy?

SYNONYMS FOR happy 1 joyous, joyful, blithe, cheerful, merry, contented, blissful, satisfied. 4 favorable, propitious; successful, prosperous.

What is another word for reached?

What is another word for reached?foundachievedaccomplishedsnaggedprocuredtouchedgot torun toclimbed tocome to172 more rows

Whats another word for happens?

In this page you can discover 64 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for happen, like: occur, happen, ensue, take-place, come face to face with, materialize, stumble-upon, come about, repeat, supervene and be found.

Is Hitted correct?

Hitted definitions (nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of hit.

What will happen in one word?

If something is inevitable, it will definitely happen, like death or tax season. Inevitable comes from the Latin word inevitabilis, which means unavoidable. If you say something is inevitable, you give the sense that no matter what scheme you come up with to get around it, it’s going to happen sooner or later.