Quick Answer: Is Kitchen Feminine In French?

What is restaurant in French?

le restaurant (restauration; brasserie; bistro; cantine; buffet) the beanery; the eating-house; the eating house..

Is Banque feminine or masculine?

Places you go like a museum, un musée, a restaurant, un restaurant, a bank, which is une banque, or a beach, une plage, also are either masculine or feminine.

What’s patient in French?

1. [ of doctor] patient(e) m/f. 2. ( in hospital) malade mf. modifier.

Are croissants feminine?

Croissants are masculine in grammatical gender. Grammatical gender does not instantly mean something is considered more feminine or masculine, for example ‘la masculinité’ is feminine but means masculinity.

What are the 4 types of gender?

Common gender divisions include masculine and feminine; masculine, feminine, and neuter; or animate and inanimate.

What is the feminine gender?

Feminine is defined as the female gender. An example of feminine is the female sex. noun.

Why is pizza feminine in French?

In French, “un” and “une” are determined by what gender the qualified noun is. So of course it is “a pizza” and “an orange” in English, because “orange” starts with a vowel and “pizza” starts with a consonant. But in French both “pizza” and “orange” are feminine, so both use “une”.

Is Cafe masculine or feminine?

Answer and Explanation: The word café is a masculine noun. Be sure to use masculine articles and adjectives with it.

How do you spell strict in French?

French translation of ‘strict’1. [ law, rule, instructions, diet] strict(e) in strict confidence tout à fait confidentiellement.2. [ teacher, parent, disciplinarian] strict(e) to be strict with sb être strict(e) avec qn.3. [ Muslim, Catholic, vegetarian] strict(e)4. (= precise) [meaning, sense] strict(e)

Is Pizza Le or LA?

“Pizza” is an Italian word and it is feminine (an “-a” ending is generally feminine).

What are the 4 genders?

There are many different gender identities, including male, female, transgender, gender neutral, non-binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit, third gender, and all, none or a combination of these.

What is feminine gender of Tiger?

Animal Names: Male, Female, and YoungAnimalMaleFemaleSheepRamEweSwanCobPenSwineBoarSowTigerTigerTigress16 more rows

Is supermarket feminine in French?

2 – French Nouns Ending in Ège, É and Eau are Masculine É, as in le café (coffee or café), le canapé (the sofa), le carré (the square), le défilé (the procession), le supermarché (the supermarket). Eau, for example le bateau (the boat), le manteau (the coat), le chapeau (the hat), l’oiseau (the bird).

Are all fruits feminine in French?

The word fruit in French is a masculine noun, and uses masculine articles with it.

Is a feminine in French?

Articles. In French, you have a masculine “the” (le) and a feminine “the” (la). … Similarly, you have a masculine “a” (un) and a feminine “a” (une).

What is kind in French feminine?

The French translation for “kind; nice (feminine singular)” is gentille.